Doace Story

by DOACEDirect on December 17, 2022
Before 2013, American person travel with single voltage device had to bring a 20 pounds+ blocky transformer, because the voltage varies between countries.

The first mini-transformer C7 was born in Dr. Ace’Lab, at the same time, Dr. Ace created the brand DOACE under his name,this is an amazing moment, people could ditch traditional transformer, traveling becomes easier.

From constant investigation and customer’s feedback, Dr. Ace team find out many people will bring hair straighteners and hair curlers when traveling.

After more than a year of research and experimentation, a transformer designed specifically for Conair hair straightener and curling iron appears in people.

Innovation never stops, Dr. Ace has been thinking about whether he can create a transformer that can be used both domestically and abroad.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, an amazing creation once again shocked the world. The first power strip converter that could be used both at home and abroad coming as scheduled.

2019 is the 7th year of the brand’s establishment,what will Dr. Ace and his team bring us a surprise? Let’s wait and see.

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