DOACE Heated Pants
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DOACE Heated Pants

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Material composition: 68.2% polyester, 28.8% cotton, 3% polyurethane
[* Mobile battery is not included]
🍁 [Emphasis on safety] The product design concept of the new electric heating pants for 2020 is warm and safe for the human body by not overheating. The maximum temperature is 65 ℃, and you can feel the warmth of the spring breeze in the cold winter. If you overheat, you are more likely to get burned. * Mobile battery is not included. Sold separately. Set contents: Electric heating pants, laundry net, instruction manual
🍁 [Improvements in 2020] 1. The independent temperature control switch allows you to adjust the temperature of each part more freely than the one-button switch, and rationally controls the current to reduce waste. 2. Increase the number of heating tablets, 8 places fever expands the heating range and makes it warmer. 3. Using the universal USB plug, the USB plug is hard to drop and it is hard to cause poor contact.
🍁 [Spring, Autumn, Winter] Powered by a mobile battery, it protects you from the cold and chilly anywhere. You can use it as ordinary long pants because it doesn't feel cold even if you don't heat it. Stylish and simple, suitable for spring, autumn and winter.
🍁 [If it doesn't start after trying as described, try changing another power bank. If it still does not start, please contact us from the Amazon order number. Please do not return it directly. Our philosophy is that customers can enjoy shopping with satisfaction. ]
🍁 [After-sales service sincerity] All product inspections are strict. If you have any quality problems, please contact us using the Amazon order number.
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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester