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Can I bring the travel adapter with me on the plane?

Travel adapters are a very practical device, especially in cross-border travel. Due to differences in voltage and plug standards, different countries and regions often require the use of travel adapters to ensure the normal use of electronic devices. So, can the travel adapter be brought on the plane? Below will be a detailed explanation for you.

1.What is a travel adapter?

A travel adapter, also known as a universal adapter or conversion plug, is a tool that can match power plugs and sockets from different countries and regions. Most products themselves do not convert voltage, but simply change the shape of the plug to adapt to different socket standards in different places. However, some professional travel adapters can convert both plugs and voltages, and these products often have lightweight and compact features, such as DOACE's travel transformers.

travl converter

2.Can I bring the travel adapter with me on the plane?

The answer is yes. Travel adapters are usually considered accessories for personal electronic devices and are not prohibited or restricted items to carry. It is usually made of plastic and metal, without liquids, sharp edges, or parts that are prone to danger.

Precautions during security inspection

Although travel adapters can be carried on airplanes, relevant regulations still need to be followed during security checks. Place it on a tray along with other electronic devices for easy inspection by security personnel. If the security personnel have any questions, they should always cooperate with their work and explain the purpose of the item.

Precautions during security inspection

Specification for the use of travel adapters on airplanes

On airplanes, travel adapters can be used to connect personal electronic devices to power sockets near seats. However, when using it, the instructions of the crew and the regulations of the airline should be followed.

Specification for the use of travel adapters on airplanes

3. Choose the appropriate travel adapter

When choosing a travel adapter, the following points need to be considered:

● Compatibility: Ensure that the adapter meets the socket standards of the destination country.

● Quality: Choose adapters with good quality and safety standards to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the use of inferior products.

● Function: Some adapters not only have the ability to convert the shape of the plug, but also have additional functions such as a USB charging port, which can be selected according to needs.

Based on the areas we need to consider when traveling, I strongly recommend this product from DOACE, the DOACE C11 Travel Voltage Converter.

the DOACE C11 Travel Voltage Converter

  • 【Newest Upgraded Converter for 110V/ 120V Devices】2-prong AC converter socket can step down foreign voltage from 220-240V to 110V/120V, designed for US standard devices when Americans travel to 220-240V countries, such as Conair/ Babylisspro/ Revlon hair styling tools (hair straightener, flat iron, curling iron) and hair dryers (except Dyson), steam irons, electric kettle etc.
  • 【10A Adapter for All Dual Voltage Travel Devices】3-prong adapter socket can't convert voltage, can work with dual voltage (100-240V) devices in every country, such as cell phone, camera, iPad, laptop, Dual voltage hair tools (hair dryer, straightener, flat iron, curling iron, hair Clipper, electric shaver), Dual voltage (CPAP, electric toothbrush) and other Dual voltage devices.
  • 【Smart Dual USB & International Compatibility】Dual USB ports (DC 5V/ 2.4a) are compatible with almost all USB charging devices like Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE, digital Camera.... US/EU/UK/AU worldwide plugs ( each supports 10A Max ) covers over 190+ countries, such as Ukraine, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Germany, Japan, China,Korea,India,Italy,Brazil,Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Etc.
  • 【Silent Working & Safety Assurance】Instead of noise fans, we adopt new cooling technique, it is more quieter and stable. Built in auto shut-off protection in case of over voltage / over current / short circuit / over temperature / over load and Surge Protection. Patent Reserved. Products passed and implemented ROHS, FCC, CE, ETL certification.
  • 【Quality Guarantee & Best Customer Service】Best of all, by buying with us, you'll be working with a company that has a quality guarantee on every product that leaves our factory. Better still, we offer full customer support for all of your needs. Bottom line, it works, or we offer best service.


Overall, adapters such as DOACE, which have multiple functions and global compatibility, are not only suitable for carrying airplanes, but also essential tools for cross-border travel. Reasonable selection and correct use of travel adapters can ensure that your journey is more convenient and enjoyable.

Of course, although most airlines around the world allow travel adapters to be carried, it is still recommended to check the specific carrier's carrying regulations before traveling to ensure everything goes smoothly. While enjoying the journey, do not forget to pay attention to your own and others' safety.

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