Countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympics: Preparation · Paris · Departure

Countdown to the 2024 Paris Olympics: Preparation · Paris · Departure

The 2024 Paris Olympics will be held from July 26th to August 11th. During the entire Paris Olympics, there will be a competition of 329 events, totaling 762 matches. The Olympic Games will be held in the capital of France, known as the "City of Light". By using historic and well-known landmarks as competition venues, the Paris Olympics will continue the glorious tradition of this Olympic venue. Now let's learn about this upcoming grand event together!


Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics

With only 20 days left until the opening ceremony of the 2024 Paris Olympics, a grand event is about to kick off in the center of the Seine Saint Denis department. On a sunny Friday in early June, a group of journalists were invited to visit the rehearsal center for dancers at the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics. In this mysterious rehearsal base, actors and dance teams are fully engaged in rehearsals, making final preparations for the upcoming Olympic opening ceremony on July 26th.

Under the guidance of the dance director and opening choreographer at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paris Olympics, a team of approximately 50 young dancers is working hard to learn new dance steps. The atmosphere at the rehearsal was high, and the actors would encourage each other before the performance began, gather together and shout slogans. After the end, they would also applaud and congratulate each other. Although they only met when they started rehearsing on Monday, they have now cooperated well. According to statistics, nearly 3000 artists will participate in four opening and closing ceremonies for the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics.


Announcement of the 2024 Paris Olympics schedule calendar

Announcement of the 2024 Paris Olympics schedule calendar

Photo from: 2021 Getty Images

Athletes and fans can now learn about the dates and specific times of each match. Click here to learn/download the complete calendar of events for the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

The first day's medal

The event schedule aims to ensure that the Olympics produce spectacular moments from the very beginning! On the second day after the opening ceremony, Saturday, July 27th (D+1), there will be the first final and medal presentation of eight different sports: cycling and men's and women's time trial on the streets of Paris (2:30pm to 6:30pm), judo (4pm), fencing (7pm), diving (11am), rugby (2:30pm), shooting (10:30am), swimming (8:30pm), and skateboarding. This will be the first city sport to stage, and the men's street final will start at 5pm.

All swimming and athletics finals are held in the evening

All the finals of the swimming competition held at the La Grandes Arena in Paris and the athletics final held at the Stade France will be held in the evening, and many other unforgettable moments will be recorded in the history of the Olympics. The swimming final will start at 8:30 pm (excluding the last day, the competition will start at 6:30 pm), and the athletics final will start at 7 pm.

Watch each Olympic competition, with prices as low as 24 euros

For example, over one million tickets for all sports in the Olympic Games cost only 24 euros. Nearly half of the tickets sold to the public are priced at 50 euros or less, and nearly one-third of the final tickets are priced at 100 euros or less. More than 90% of ordinary public ticket prices are 200 euros or lower.

For events of such scale as the Olympics, these prices are very affordable, thanks to a special pricing structure: the highest priced tickets account for 15% of the tickets sold to the public, which will generate nearly 50% of the ticket revenue for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The individual ticket prices for the 2024 Paris Olympics range from 24 euros to 950 euros (excluding ceremonies). The highest ticket price is 950 euros, accounting for approximately 0.5% of the total public ticket volume.

The first match is scheduled to be held on July 24, 2024. Prior to the opening ceremony, spectators will be able to watch football matches at the opening ceremonies in Paris and other French cities for 24 to 50 euros, or watch football matches at the Stade de France for 24 to 100 euros. The ticket price for the first women's handball match to be held the next day at the southern Colosseum in Paris (Exhibition Park Hall 6) starts at 24 euros.

If you want to purchase tickets, you can purchase them from the official website of the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

During the Paris Olympics, the booking popularity of group tours in France increased by 225% year-on-year

In July, the booking volume of flights from major domestic cities to Paris increased by over 70% year-on-year, and the booking volume of local hotels in Paris surged by nearly 150%. During the Paris Olympics, the booking volume for group tours to France increased significantly by 225% year-on-year.

This phenomenon reflects the significant driving effect of sports events on the tourism market. It can be seen that the hosting of the European Cup and the Paris Olympics not only attracted a large number of sports fans to watch, but also stimulated the interest of ordinary tourists in European tourism.

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