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Voltage Converter Story

What is a voltage converter? Have you even given much thought to the devices and different electronic equipment’s that are installed at your home from ages, you have been using them but have no idea about the story behind it.

Let’s start with knowing about a voltage converter, it’s a commonly used term for a device which changes the voltage of an electrical power source which allows your appliances that are designed for the main voltage of a particular geographical region to operate in an area with different voltage.  

History of Voltage Converter

The concept of the converter was first proposed by Conair in the customer’s quarterly survey. Conair is a giant company that manufactures 110v 1875W/2000W hair dryers. According to U.S UL regulation, any high power appliances need to be designed to single US Voltage (110v).

About Travel Converter

One of the main reasons why the converter is popular is because; American likes to bring their hairdryer when traveling overseas. Base on the huge demand of customer who wants a mini size converter that can reduce the voltage from 220V to 110V, which will allow the customer to take the hairdryer to travel overseas. Therefore the first travel converter was introduced, and it combined EU/UK/AU/US plug in one unit.

Now the converter does not only convert the voltage, but can also be combined with an adapter. It’s suitable for both single and dual voltage appliances. The converter contains 3 international plug (UK/AU/US/EU Plug) which fits electrical outlet of type A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N from over 190 countries. This makes the converter portable and user-friendly.

Without knowing the standard voltage of the country, you can’t keep a voltage converter with you. Small gadgets such as iPods, cell phones, laptops or iPhones need converters with wattage very similar to 50 watts. But heating products such as hair dryers require at least 1600 watt voltage converter.

Not only that the voltage outlets differ from one country to another. An All-In-One voltage converter is essential even if you want to charge your cell phone at the airport. A multi-charger or multi-functioning travel adaptor can meet your needs. At least a travel adaptor can help you to charge your music player or cell phone to entertain you in a foreign country while you’re in a relaxing mood.

If you want to maintain the level of current supply at your home voltage stabilizer, voltage converter is a beneficial device that you can use. A voltage stabilizer reduces higher fluctuations and saves the appliances from any damage. This device works as a regulator because it regulates the power supply and it’s also used as an inbuilt device in different appliances for their safe operation. It’s useful in those regions that have higher fluctuations which may cause damage to the appliances. Therefore, do not forget to keep a voltage converter with you while you’re travelling to other countries.

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