How do towel warmer buckets work?

How do towel warmer buckets work?

Winter has already begun, have you also encountered some cold troubles? For example, after taking a shower, even with the bathtub on, one may feel shivering from the cold. At this point, having a warm towel draped around one's body is definitely a very happy thing. At present, a specialized product for heating towels has emerged in the market to address this situation: a heated towel bucket. So how does he work? What is the difference compared to other towel heating products?

1. Basic structure

The towel heating bucket usually consists of a container, heating element, temperature control device, and safety system. These components work together, allowing the towel heating bucket to maintain a suitable temperature while ensuring safety during use.

2. Heating element

The core of a towel heating bucket is a heating element, usually using an electric heating coil or heating element. When the heating barrel is activated, current flows through these components, generating heat. This process is fast and efficient, and can quickly heat the towel to a comfortable temperature.

3. Temperature control device

To ensure the safety and comfort of using the towel heating bucket, temperature control devices have become an indispensable part. The temperature control device can automatically adjust the working status of the heating element by monitoring the temperature of the towel. Once the set temperature is reached, it will automatically reduce the power or stop heating to prevent the towel from overheating and ensure the safety of the user.

Temperature control device

4. Humidification function

Some towel heating buckets are also equipped with a humidification function. By adding water to the container, the device can release steam while heating, making the towel more moist. This not only increases the comfort of use, but also helps to maintain skin moisture, especially during dry seasons.

5. Security system

To prevent potential safety risks, towel heating buckets are usually equipped with various safety systems. For example, an over temperature protection system can automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature rises abnormally, preventing equipment damage or causing safety issues.

There is actually a towel heating rack on the market, why don't we choose it?

1. Towel heating bucket is safer

The heating part of the towel heating rack is directly exposed to the outside, and if you accidentally touch it, you will get burned. As we all know, burns are very painful. If you have children or pets at home, their safety knowledge in this area is even weaker, and there is a high risk of safety hazards.

2. The towel heating bucket heats more evenly

The towel heating bucket uses hot air circulation to heat the entire towel. This way, the heated towel will be very uniform, and due to the circulation of water vapor, the towel will not be very dry. It will also be very comfortable when you need to use it. The towel heating rack only heats the part in contact, and the heat from the rest will be very uneven, causing some areas to be dry and others to be wet, making it very uncomfortable to use.

3. The towel heating bucket is more hygienic

The towel heating bucket will have a built-in sterilization function and will not scatter water vapor in the air. When using a towel heating rack, it can cause water vapor to suspend in the air or stick to the wall, creating a humid environment, leading to the generation of mold and greatly endangering human health.

DOACE warmer bucket

In terms of towel heating buckets, I think DOACE towel warmer buckets are far ahead. He has a larger capacity, with a 26 liter bucket towel heater in the bathroom, which can accommodate up to two 40 "X 70" oversized towels, blankets, robes, pajamas, and more. And it can be heated regularly, with a maximum delay time of 24 hours. On a cold morning, start a new day with warm clothes or bathrobes! Free choice of heating time -20, 40, or 60 minutes, whether you're taking a quick shower or relaxing for a long time to soak, warm and suitable for all your needs, and more confident in using it! And their packaging is also very good, so if you use it as a gift, it's also a great idea to give it to someone.

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