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Should you pack hair dryer and hair iron for oversea trip?

Traveling is fun except for the packing part. A hairdryer and a hair iron are the most common items people bring on vacation. Today we will discuss whether getting them and the voltage converter solution is necessary if you want to bring them.


Is it necessary

Hair dryers and hair iron take up a lot of space. Even a travel-sized one can be bulky and take up unnecessary space in your luggage. Leave it at home so you can have room for more important things, and hopefully, you'll be able to travel carry-on only.

Most hotels have hair dryers available for their guests, even some hostels provide them too. When searching for a hotel to book, check that it has hair dryers and a hair iron. If you decide to stay in an apartment rental instead, many offer hair dryers. If you are still waiting to see it listed, email the owner and ask. Sometimes they just forget to mention it. If the place has everything you need, you don't need to put it in your bag.

hotel hair dryer

Risk management

There can be electrical issues with hair dryers when traveling. Adapters fit your plugs into foreign electrical outlets, but converters adjust the voltage. While almost all electrical products automatically convert the voltage when you're in another region, hair dryers do not convert independently. You may need a travel voltage converter. But there is a certain risk you need to know that using a foreign hair dryer and hair iron outside the US might damage the device itself and the converter. So if the place provides them, you can use the local hair dryer and hair iron to say goodbye to that risk.


What if the place does not have

If you're staying somewhere that does not provide hair dryers and want to travel with a hair dryer, consider buying an inexpensive hair dryer when you arrive or bringing yours with a travel voltage converter.Local electronics stores will most likely sell hair dryers; that way, you know it's compatible. 

But if you really want to pack a hair dryer, buy a dual voltage travel hair dryer and make sure you bring along a plug adapter. Just be aware that many dual voltage hair dryers&hair iron still says not to use the higher settings overseas. So you should confirm with the brand before the trip. 

Suppose you want to bring a single-voltage hair dryer or hair iron. In that case, you must ensure it is a traditional hair dryer or hair iron without any intelligent function like a screen touch or smart adjustment. It would help if you got a suitable travel voltage converter to meet the voltage and wattage requirements of the devices. For more information, you can email the hair dryer and hair iron brands for help.

hair iron during the trip


Leaving your hair dryer and hair iron home is usually the best traveling option. Hair straighteners and curling irons should also be left at home. If you must bring them, research the regulations for choosing the suitable plug adapter or travel voltage converter. But always remembers to confirm the feasibility before you plug in.





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