Top 10 European cities most suitable for winter travel

Top 10 European cities most suitable for winter travel

Many people don't like winter because it's too cold, so they live at home. Although you can enjoy the warmth of your body in this way, you may lack some things, such as the vast snow scenery, towering snow mountains, snowman battles, and winter celebrations. Come out of the house with me to travel and see this unique winter scenery.

1. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, this place is really fascinating! It is located in the western part of Austria, near the German border, at the foot of the Alps. The city is crossed by the Saltsk River, surrounded by a magnificent mountain range, with breathtaking scenery.

Its name comes from the Latin words "Salzach" and "burg", meaning "salt castle" because there are salt mining resources nearby, which used to be the economic pillar of the city.

The most unique place here is the natural scenery, especially the magnificent Alps. You can stroll around the old city area, walk along the river, admire various historical buildings and gardens, and feel the tranquility and beauty of this city.

Moreover, this is Mozart's hometown, so there is a strong music culture. You can visit his birthplace, as well as many ancient churches, castles, and museums, showcasing Austria's rich cultural heritage.

In winter, Salzburg is particularly beautiful, especially during the Christmas season. The Christmas market is very famous, you can try Austrian cuisine, purchase handicrafts and Christmas gifts. Moreover, the nearby Alps provide a rich range of skiing and other winter activities.

One of the most important attractions is the castle, located on the mountaintop and overlooking the entire city, with magnificent scenery. The Mirabelle Garden is also very beautiful, with exquisite gardens and Baroque architecture.

The scenery in the morning and evening is very charming. The morning sun shines on the city, making it very peaceful. In the evening, the buildings and bridges in the city become particularly beautiful under the illumination of night lights.

Regarding transportation and opening hours, there is a convenient public transportation system here, including buses and trains. The opening hours and ticket prices for different attractions vary depending on the season. It is best to check the official website or local tourism information center for the latest information before planning to visit.


2. Rovaniemi, Finland

Wow, let me tell you about Rovaniemi in Finland! This place is truly a magical existence because it is located within the Arctic Circle and is the hometown of Santa Claus!

Rovanemi is located in northern Finland, the capital of the Lapland region of Finland, and it is the only city in the Arctic Circle! This means that summer can experience polar days, while winter has long polar nights.

This name may sound a bit complicated, but it means "the distance of the river" because the city spans the Ounasjoki River. This place is not only a natural beauty, but also a magical feeling, especially during the Christmas season.

One of the most unique places in Rovaniemi is Santa Claus Village, which is Santa Claus's home. You can go see Santa Claus himself! You can also cross the Arctic Circle, with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere, holding a certificate to prove that you have been here.

Moreover, in winter, you can enjoy the beautiful aurora, and the northern lights often appear here, which is truly breathtaking. You can also try reindeer sleds, or sit in warm wooden houses and enjoy traditional Finnish saunas.

In summer, you can experience white nights and the sun hardly sets, so you have enough time to explore the natural scenery. You can go hiking, fishing, or riding a dog sled in the forest.

The biggest attraction of Rovaniemi is the Christmas village and Santa Claus's office, but it has to be lined up! Moreover, the natural scenery around the city is also very beautiful, with its own charm in both winter and summer.

Regarding transportation, you can take a plane to Rovaniemi Airport and then take a taxi or bus to the city center. The opening hours depend on different attractions, and it is best to check the official website or local tourism information center in advance.

Rovaniemi, Finland

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, the northern pearl of Russia, is a city rich in history and cultural heritage. This place is filled with royal palaces, magnificent churches, and beautiful rivers.

This city has many beautiful rivers and canals, and in winter, these waterways are often covered with ice and snow, forming a spectacular ice and snow landscape. You can see people skating on the ice, strolling in the snow, or even holding ice hockey competitions. The city scenery after snow is truly intoxicating.

St. Petersburg has many magnificent palaces and churches, such as the Winter Palace and St. Isaac's Cathedral. In winter, these buildings are often covered with snow, especially in the early morning or evening when they appear particularly beautiful in the snow. The golden dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral flickers in the sunlight, like a fairytale like fairyland.

The Niwa River freezes in winter, and people can take a walk on the ice and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the river. At night, the buildings and bridges along the river are illuminated by lights, reflecting on the ice, presenting a charming scenery, especially during white nights.

St. Petersburg also has some special winter celebrations, such as the White Night Festival, which is held during the winter's white night period. People can participate in various activities, taste food, enjoy music performances, and experience the unique atmosphere of the city.

St. Petersburg, Russia

4. Venice, Italy

Venice's winter is truly magical! Firstly, those waterways are quieter in winter, often filled with a bit of fog, adding a layer of mystery to the entire city. Sitting on a gondola and crossing the waterway amidst snowflakes feels very unique.

Then there is the Brittany Palace, which is usually shrouded in clouds during winter and looks super mysterious. The decoration inside is also very magnificent, symbolizing Venice's politics and culture.

St. Mark's Square, um, is often quieter and less crowded in winter. The buildings and St. Mark's Cathedral presented extraordinary beauty in the rain and snow. Plus, you can just wear a heated vest in a caf é and have a strong Venetian coffee with peace of mind, because it won't get cold at all, it's amazing!

The Grand Canal is quieter in winter, where you can enjoy the tranquility of gondola or water bars, watch the colorful buildings along the coast, and feel the unique beauty of Venice.

The Venice Carnival is a major attraction, where people wear a variety of costumes and masks and hold various celebrations. This festival really makes the city lively and extraordinary!

Venice, Italy

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam in winter is a charming place. Firstly, the canal in this city freezes during winter, turning it into a huge ice rink. You can rent a pair of ice skates and swim freely on the canal, feeling the freedom and joy.

Amsterdam has many museums, and in winter, they are usually quieter than in summer. The famous Van Gogh Museum and National Museum are places worth visiting, where you can enjoy world-class art without worrying about crowded crowds.

The St. Nicholas Church in Amsterdam is a magnificent church, especially during the winter Christmas season, where it becomes a Christmas market selling handicrafts, food, and gifts. You can also skate on the square in front of the church and enjoy the rich Christmas atmosphere.

Dutch people like to eat Stampot in winter, which is a traditional dish that warms the stomach and usually includes potatoes, carrots, and different vegetables, along with some delicious grilled sausages. On a cold winter day, this dish is warm and delicious.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

6. Abisku, Sweden

Abyscu in Sweden is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts! In winter, Abisku is a kingdom of snow, with snowy slopes everywhere, making it perfect for skiing and winter activities.

There are some great ski resorts here, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find suitable slopes. The most special thing is that the skiing season here is very long, usually lasting from November to May. So, you can have enough time to enjoy the fun of snow sports.

Abiscu Town is also very interesting, with many cozy cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after skiing, or try local cuisine.

At night, the town is also very charming, with lights illuminating the snow, creating a romantic atmosphere. You can enjoy delicious Swedish cuisine in restaurants or interact with local residents in bars to experience the authentic Nordic atmosphere.

If you enjoy winter activities, Abiscu also has many other options. You can try snowshoe walking, which is a way to put on snowshoes and walk on the snow, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of nature. In addition, dog sledging is also a popular activity, where you can sit on the sled and be led by a cute husky dog to traverse the snow.

For those who enjoy the natural scenery of winter, the mountains and forests around Abiscu are breathtaking. The snowcapped slopes and forests shimmer in the sunlight, presenting a spectacular scenery for you.

The winter transportation in Abisku is convenient. You can take a train or plane to Ostsund Airport, and then take a bus to Abisku. Most ski resorts and activities are usually open during the winter season, but it is best to check the official website or local tourism information center in advance.

Abisku, Sweden

7. Andalusia, Spain

This place has a warm climate, so even in winter, the sunshine is still bright.

Firstly, you can enjoy the traditional architecture and scenery of Andalusia. The historical buildings of cities such as Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba are still breathtaking in winter. The Alhambra Palace is particularly beautiful on winter mornings or evenings, with golden decorations shining in the sunlight.

If you enjoy winter sports, the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Andalusia are a great place to go. There are many ski resorts here, where you can indulge in skiing, snowboarding, or try other winter sports. The snowy scenery on the mountain range is breathtaking.

In winter, you can also try Andalusian cuisine, such as ham, cheese, and local delicacies. Enjoying delicious food in an outdoor caf é in sunny weather is a form of enjoyment.

Andalusia, Spain

8. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is often referred to as the capital of the winter world, and winter is the best season to visit. There are many activities in the local area, and the winter scenery is breathtaking.

This city is located in the Norwegian fjord area, surrounded by beautiful fjords and forests. In winter, you can enjoy the magnificent snow scenery, especially in the suburbs and surrounding areas of the city.

Winter is the skiing season in Oslo. The nearby Oslo Winter Park is a popular ski resort with various difficulty levels of ski and snowboard runs. You can enjoy skiing and snow activities here, and it's not far from the city center.

In winter, Oslo also has some beautiful parks and lakes. Vigeland Park is a place worth visiting, with numerous sculptures and gardens, all of which are covered in snow during winter, creating unique scenery.

The city center of Oslo is also very pleasant in winter. You can enjoy a cup of Norwegian hot chocolate in a warm coffee shop, or taste delicious Norwegian hot dogs. During the Christmas season, the Christmas market in the city center is also a lively place where you can shop, taste delicious food, and feel a strong festive atmosphere.

Oslo, Norway

9. Stockholm, Sweden

The winter in Stockholm is short, but the city has become even warmer. The various activities in the capital will allow you to have an unforgettable journey. Especially in the city center, you can skate on the frozen lakes of Hellasgarden or the Vasaparken ice rink.

Stockholm has many museums, and in winter, they are usually quieter than in summer. The Vasa Museum is a popular place that showcases the complete remains of the sunken ship "Vasa". You can enjoy the history of the ocean and exquisite woodworking skills here.

The old city of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) is particularly beautiful in winter, with narrow streets and colorful buildings that are particularly pleasant in the snow. You can stroll on the slate street and explore ancient churches, shops, and cafes.

Stockholm in winter also has some interesting traditions. For example, during the Christmas season, people will light candles of all sizes and hang star shaped lanterns on the windows, creating a rich Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas market in the city center is also a lively place where you can shop, taste delicious food, and feel the joy of the holiday.

Stockholm, Sweden

10. Budapest, Hungary

This city is located on the Danube River, and in winter, the river often freezes, bringing a unique charm to the city.

Winter is a good time to visit museums and historical buildings. The Rudas Baths and the renowned Sz é chenyi Thermal Bath are both warm places to relax and unwind. In winter, hot springs are particularly popular, and people enjoy warm spas indoors and outdoors.

The old city of Buda is particularly beautiful in winter, with buildings and castles on the slopes shining in the snow. You can take a tram or stroll on the stone streets of Buda City, admiring the ancient churches and city walls.

In winter, Budapest also has some beautiful activities, such as during the Christmas season, there are Christmas markets in the city's squares and streets, selling various gifts and delicious food. You can also taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, such as stewed beef and grilled sausages.

Budapest, Hungary

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