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Why Should I Buy a Voltage Converter?

A voltage converter will change the voltage of a power supply source and send it to other electrical gadgets, it’s sometimes known as a power supply. It can also be called a transformer.

There are different types of voltage step down transformers. But based on the kind of power supply that’s needed and you need to know the electricity output needed to avoid electrical damage.

Electrical outlets are usually divided into 2, and they will vary depending on the country. There are those that give an alternating current with a single phase and these supply voltage of between 100-125 volts, and then there are those that will supply 210-230 volts.

Difference between Traditional Adapter and Voltage Converter

Traditional Adapter

The traditional adapter is a connector that changes the plug shape to match the outlet. It does not change the electrical output or voltage in any way. If you know that plug shape is the only difference between your equipment and the electrical system you’re planning to use, then a traditional adapter is all you need. Some items come with the ability to use either 110v or 220v built right in. In fact, most computers now have smart power supplies that are switchable between the two.

Voltage Converter

A voltage converter is used to adjust electrical equipment so that it can accommodate different forms of electricity. You can use two different converters to do this, but there are some converters that are built so that they can do both. A voltage converter uses different methods to convert electricity. A transformer can be used to increase or reduce the current. Voltage converters help small electrical gadgets to drop the voltage much smaller.

The transformer has a full wave rectifier which converts the A/C to D/C current by making use of other components which are found in the voltage converter. You will need voltage converters if you’re supplying electricity from the main source to smaller sources.

Choosing the Right Voltage Transformer

Depending on whether you want to step voltage down or step voltage up, you need to choose the right voltage transformer. You will know the voltage requirements of an electrical gadget by looking at the back. They always have a sticker indicating what is needed. Ensure to adhere to this because if you don’t, you could spoil the gadget and cause the whole electrical system to trip.

Knowing the kind of voltage converter you need might be too technical if you’re not into electrical science, but the best thing to do is find a reputable dealer like DOACE, explain to them your needs and then let them guide you in choosing the right voltage converter.

For bigger installations, you may need to get a professional to come in and have a look to determine the amount of wattage that will be consumed and the kind of converter that will work best. Avoid making guesses for yourself – accidents involving electricity can cause a big disaster.

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