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Do I need a voltage converter for my oversea trip

What is the voltage converter, and what is it for

For Americans who travel aboard, the voltage converter is the device that can step down the voltage to the US standard for you. The voltage standard of the United States is 110V-120 volts. But in some countries like European countries, Thailand, and Vietnam, the voltage is 220V. That is when you need a voltage converter to step down the voltage for using some devices from the states.

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Do I need a voltage converter for my trip?

People might question whether bringing a travel voltage converter for an international trip is necessary. How do I tell if I need a voltage converter? Here are the tips.

Check the AC voltage of the product-First check the AC voltage of the product. You can easily find it on the product label. The V means the voltage power.
Use a travel plug adapter-If the voltages is listed as 110V-220V or 110V-240V. Then you don't need the travel voltage converter. Just use a travel plug adapter for your device. The most common dual-voltage devices are phones, Pads products, laptops, and camera battery chargers. These devices are the most common devices for our trips.

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Pick up travel converter-If the voltage is listed as a fixed number voltage like 110V, or 120V, the device is a single voltage device. You will need a travel voltage converter for single devices to charge your device during the oversea trip. The most common single-voltage devices for travel are curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners

hair dryer voltage label


    Safety tip for travel voltage converters

    Please note that most travel voltage converters are designed for the devices like curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners. If you would like to bring a mixer or blenders for your overseas stay, please double-check the highest power requirement (watt) with the travel voltage converter. We suggest double-checking the adaptability if you want to use high-power devices outside the US with the voltage converter.


    Now it is the time to tell if you need to bring a travel voltage converter for your trip. If you only bring dual-voltage devices, the plug adapter will be nifty. If you want to get a single-voltage device, you must pick up a travel voltage converter. If you don't want to bring many plugs, adapters, and converters, consider getting a universal travel converter with the adapter and converter function. This article can help you decide and enjoy your trip.



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