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DOACE 2200W Voltage Converter and Adapter

DOACE 2200W Voltage Converter and Adapter

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Travel Essential:  Compact and Powerful: Crafted in California, inspired by the US flag, this travel adapter is designed to be your perfect companion on journeys. Its compact size and included mesh bag make it easy to carry wherever you go. With a combination of adapter and converter functions, it caters to all your needs, making it an ideal choice for travelers. Plus, it doubles up as a thoughtful gift idea for U.S. National Day celebrations.

Global Compatibility & Multi-Device Charging: This all-in-one international power adapter converter boasts 1 converter, 2 adapters, and 4 USB ports, allowing you to power up to 7 devices simultaneously. It supports plugs from Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US, making it compatible with over 190 countries worldwide, including popular destinations like Thailand, Japan, Italy, and more.

High-Powered Flag Converter: With a capacity of 2200W, this new model converter efficiently steps down voltages from 220-240V to the USA standard voltage of 110V/120V. Specifically designed for Conair/Babylisspro hair care appliances and most 110V/120V devices like hair dryers, steam irons, and electric kettles, it ensures your gadgets operate seamlessly wherever you are.

Fuse Protection & USB Ports: Equipped with 10A fuse adapters, this device offers added safety and peace of mind. While adapter sockets I and II don't convert voltage, they support most dual voltage devices (100-240V), including smartphones, cameras, laptops, and more. The built-in USB ports are compatible with a wide range of USB charging devices, further enhancing its versatility.

Advanced Safety Features: Safety is paramount, which is why this adapter undergoes NRTL safety testing and features upgraded hardware for complete protection. It guards against over-current, over-load, over-heat, and short-circuit situations, ensuring both you and your devices stay safe during use. Just remember not to plug 110V appliances into the adapter socket in 220-240V countries to prevent damage.

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For dual voltage products

For dual voltage products, just ust the adapter port or USB port to charge. There is no need to use the travel voltage converter. For more info, plesae read here.

For single voltage products

For single voltage products, it will be better if you could check the wattage output of the devices and also the voltage range.

For more information, you can read here.

How to tell if my devices is dual voltage producyts?

If the voltage label listed as 110V-220V or 110V-240V. It is a dual voltage product. Otherwise it is a single voltage device.

Could I use my hair dryer/hair iron/flat iron with the travel voltage converter

Our travel voltage converter is compatible with traditonal hair dryer/hair iron. If your device is a smart device with digital touchscreen and smart dector, we will suggest you not to use it with our travel voltage converter for safe.